We provide services for all your custom meat processing. We process beef, hogs, sheep and game animals. From the field to your plate. We have services for it all. Yoder Meat Co. will slaughter your animals and then bring them right to us.  We will get in contact with you or your buyers and will walk them through the entire process on how they want it cut.  It's important to us that we get it right.  We know the cost of beef and want to make sure you are getting exactly what you want.  We will not push you into getting something you do not want.  Do some research and we will help you along the way. 

Call us with any questions you might have or to see what our availability is for your self kill or to process your game animal.  Space is limited and we can only take in so much.  So please call before you head in with your animal.  

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Our Products and Services

Our company offers many different custom processing services


Processing your beef, may it be a whole, half or a quarter of a beef is really very simple.  We will cut your beef to your exact specifications and if you aren't sure, we will provide guidance to help you get what you are looking for. 

Typically we hang 10 to 14 days but will can do longer or shorter on request if we have the space and it's not during Fall.


Rack of lamb for dinner?  1" lamb chops?  Leg of lamb?  Does that sound good?  It does to us.  Hamburger or stew to finish it off.  Just tell us how you like it and we will do the rest!

Hanging time is about 5 to 7 days for Sheep.


Nothing like a smoked ham or the smoked bacon from Voget Meats!  We will process your hog exactly the way you want it cut and Voget Meats will process your sausage and smoked meats the way they have been doing it for years!

We process hogs pretty fast so we like to hang them 5 to 7 days.  Sometimes we will process them sooner depending on space and quantity.


***PLEASE CALL AHEAD BEFORE YOU BRING IN YOUR GAME ANIMAL***    Elk, Deer, Moose, Bear or Antelope.  We do it all.  $125/bear, deer and antelope and $0.79/lb and a $20.00 disposal fee for Elk.  Game pepperoni, summer sausage, smoked sausage, season sausage, elk burger, deer chops and elk steaks.  We cut it all for you!  Vogets finishes the trim to whatever your taste buds desire.  Nothing like a slice of game summer sausage or the game pepperoni from Vogets!  Yummy!                                                           

Mobile Slaughtering Companies

Don't want to slaughter it or don't have time? Call and get it scheduled with these mobile slaughter companies and they will deliver it to us and we will call you and inform you of the weights and then the process begins.    

Yoder Meat Company


Frontier Mobile Slaughtering



Who cures the Hams?  Bacon?  Pepperoni?  Makes‚Äč all the sausage?

Cooking Suggestions for your cured Ham

Bake cured ham in a brown paper sack  in a preheated 200 F oven for 9-10 hours for a whole ham or 6-7 hours for a half of a ham.  3-4 hours for a Boston Butt.  Cook until the internal temperature  reaches at least 152 F.  

 NEW FOR 2019

Any meat that isn't picked up 14 days after initial call that your order is ready:


GROWERS:  We would love to have your customer information no later than 7 days after it was dropped off.  

Cut and Wrap Prices for 2019  

Beef, Hogs and Sheep



Per Pound

Whole or Half Beef

$0.70 for quarters

$0.80/lb over 1000lb Beef

Stew:  $0.55/lb

Tenderized Steaks: $0.55/lb

 Carne Asada/Fajita:  $0.55/lb

Hamburger Patties:  $2.85/lb     1/4#,  1/2# or  1# patties.  minimum of 4 per pkg

Sausage Prices are priced by Vogets

Hang Only (professionally slaughtered ONLY)  $40.00

Rendering/Disposal: $20/whole Beef

* call for miscellaneous fees 




Per Pound

Whole or Half Hog

$0.80/lb for Cure

Bacon $0.65/lb to slice

Sausage Prices are priced by Vogets

Hang Only (professionally slaughtered ONLY)  $20.00

Rendering/Disposal:  $5/Hog

* call for miscellaneous fees




Per Pound

Minimum $62.00

Bone and Roll $4.00/leg

Sausage Prices are priced by Vogets

* call for miscellaneous fees

*we will save you all the bones